Familienkur how and where mцglich?

I am mom of two wonderful boys ages 2 1/2 to 5 years. The point is that we have ьberlegt us due to some problems that wьrde us do very well a cure.
The children were hдufig sick in the last two years and our GroЯer is a very fussy eater (even had taken), always pale, mьde and unmotivated, but this is getting better again in recent times. The pediatrician said only about the cure that we kцnnen not run it informed about the children because the dafьr both are healthy. My husband and I are selbstдndig for 6 years and have since not kцnnen really breathe. the work is no less but more and more through expansion. My husband is now nearing a burn-out collapse. There are already many symptoms present (already folded 2 times, always under power, can not relax, has on many no pleasure and delight more, avoids our friends seems to always nerfed and absolutely ьberarbeitet and mьde, mцchte and but can not break gцnnen). I try him as much as possible to keep the Rьcken free. I kьmmere myself to household, children, everything else has to be organized and also work in every spare second in the company. We have a 6-7-day week and the kids are absolutely too short. If I'm honest with myself, I am also on the verge of collapse. My nerves are not the best ...
Now I have described the situation even with our family doctor and he had closed for me just a mьdes Lдcheln ьbrig. In the health insurance I had already asked last year whether the wьrden grant us a mother-child treatment - mьndlich parried same. The children and I have national health insurance and my husband has a private health insurance.
Do you have tips that we have closed for Mцglichkeiten and to whom we should turn to the best? If a Familienkur is not mцglich I mцchte least take a course with the children. Best yet to the nдchsten summer holidays, as our GroЯer View next year starts school.

Upper witch


Hey, I'm gestoЯen by chance on your Beitarg. Because what you write I unfortunately know only too well. I am also a mother of two (2 1 / 2J. u. 5 / 2J.) The groЯe's like you a fussy eater and underweight. Only our little mouse is fit. I had last year a FG and my husband has a burn out and this year the second Hцrsturz. I'm slber auchziehmlich at the end. I am GKV PKV husband and children. A Fam cure you get not much I can tell you right !!! Which are only very rarely and only when a child is severely krnak (cancer) is. But since your children are with the SHI I wьrde apply for a mother-child cure closed for you and the kids. I know many Mьtter the making often be the fact defeated only once, but if you again demanding inserts it works yet. Your husband kцnnte course, then closed for the time to leave and where you are taking a vacation apartment.
There he is PKV He might have closed for a rehab apply (Kur does not go with private health insurance).
I person you are seeking you much Glьck.


Hello Steffi!

Thank you very much closed for your answer. I've already thought that probably can not work with the Family Health - SORRY! Will then it out documents closed for me and the kids get to submit and see if at least one parent-child cure is mцglich. You get the documents to the insurance company or should rather be informed about, for example, Caritas go?

Upper witch


As far as I weiЯ it is the best informed about the Mьttergenesungwerk to go. I have two friends who informed about who got your cure.


so I think Muki cure can forget. Since you will probably mьssen you anhцren that not enough psychosocial Ьberforderung in the mother role exists. For thy Ьberforderung is indeed by the job and not through Mamasein.

For me, who refused even 2 x, although for a little one Astmakind and almost seamlessly suffering from any infections, Bronchiden, CEE and scarlet, and I have to kдmpfen after falling fairly with Rьckenproblemem and verfьge informed about violent stress asthma and psoriasis. Too little psychosocial closed for ne cure. They recommended me a rehabilitation in the pension insurance to apply. And the cure closed for the child at least once through and we have kцnnen even realize an appointment this year. My Kurantrag is there still stockpiled, but then it goes vll View next year again going on, if it's something wдrmer.

At best, any requests closed for a cure with regard to the other Rent Envers. Numbers. And a commitment to any extent can then slide until all rehabs are approved. Wдre worth a try.

But family cures you can almost forgotten by the facilities ago, which are not designed with the Rдumlichkeiten to more than one person with a child. The dates are then usually in winter when almost no mцchte. But probiers try. Much Glьck 🙂


Hello Upper witch,

whether it is with your problems and factors mцglich a Familienkur, or to get a parent-child treatment, I can not guarantee natьrlich.

But I have even taken the time and googled and easy Link times.

welcome...! | Health Center at the Hцhle

ASB mother-child therapy center "sea ​​breeze" & "Heide sanatorium" in Graal-Mritz


Familienkur - School + Family

Univita - mother - child - Cure

"Familienkur in the clinic Castle Rabenstein" Review closed for SchloЯ Rabenstein / Zwiesel

Even more you will find if you google under "Familienkur" typing.

love GruЯ


I wьrde you in "your problem" not advise a mother-child treatment.
Since you are only required again.
If you want to do what closed for you and still closed for the time your kids there want to have wдre a psychosomatic cure best.
Just call times in a clinic which the offer and ask for a "Familienkur", Sitting still at the source, perhaps the kцnnen you what exactly to say.

What you need above all is a really good "Fьrsprecher", And as a psychologist is at such a cure really the right person, because an opinion of him has more significance than from a general practitioner.
All the best